Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart
San Angelo Texas

all workshops are free, at the cathedral and will be conducted by the Cathedral's Director of Music, John Webber. To learn more about John click on his photo.

A - The Reluctant Organist - for pianists who would like to make the transfer and for self-taught organists with little or no professional training. - discuss the principals of how it really works and then a practicum (either as an observer or participant) on the Cathedral's 4 manual Allen Organ. Saturday  14 July 10 AM - 2PM (includes lunch 1-2)

B - Chant School - how to chant psalm tones and sing Gregorian Chant from original notation. Great for choir directors and cantors. How to introduce chant into your repertoire. Saturday 21 July 10 AM - 2 PM (includes lunch 1-2) 

C - Cantor Cafe - All things cantor. Saturday 28 July 10 AM - 2PM (includes lunch 1-2)

D -  Choir Training - getting the most out of the little time you have with your singers to have them develop as singers and intelligent music readers. Saturday 4 August 10 AM - 2PM (includes lunch 1-2)

E - Conducting Masterclass - Helping each other do it better. Saturday  11 August 10 AM - 2PM (includes lunch 1-2)

F- Round Table  -  (1) Engagement   - how is full active participation going for you? Let's talk about it in depth - examine problems and offer solutions. (2) Music Ministry Recruitment - bring your ideas to share.  (3) Breaking Free - how to break free of the influences of publishing companies and other organisations who guide us on  what music to choose  and how music should be done in the Liturgy and look instead to what is asked of us by the church. 18  August  10 AM - 2PM (includes lunch 1-2)

G - Organ Improvisation Masterclass - how to do it and transform your Liturgies.  25  August  10 AM - 2PM (includes lunch 1-2)

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